September 28, 2018


Introducing……..Ladies Skull Cap

What’s the best thing about your brand new skull cap? It’s designed to keep your head cool in your hot kitchen. No need to get hot headed with the 100% organic cotton, fabric that breathes and keeps you feeling comfortable all shift long. Keep your hair off your face, and securely in place with the easily adjustable soft velcro tab. No distractions, just creations as you can put all your focus on making your best food memories.

Available in  Jet Black and Crisp White.

September 28, 2018


Introducing…...Ladies Bliss Chef Jacket

What could be more blissful than creating sheer magic on a plate? How about feeling luxuriously cool and comfortable the entire time? You can have this feeling all shift long with your new Bliss chef jacket. It’s the new and improved version of a classic. Lightweight 100% organic cotton for that endless comfort and coolness you long for, beautifully hand stitched buttons strategically placed down the front - you will never have to worry about gaping or losing buttons ever again. Complete bliss.


Don’t dream about feeling bliss at work - wear it! You won’t look at another chef jacket again after you’ve tried on your new Bliss chef jacket. Feel the softness of clouds against your skin from the lightweight, 100% organic cotton. It will keep you feeling 65% cooler than most other jackets, and oh so comfortable. You’ll love the short sleeves just in time for the warmer months, and the rounded curve style at the back. Fall in love with your new blissfully cool jacket.


September 28, 2018


Introducing…...Ladies Premium Chef Jacket


You set the bar high in your kitchen, using the freshest ingredients, trend setting flavours, exquisite plating. Set the same standards with your work attire. Your new Premium chef jacket is so beautifully made it might make you gasp in admiration. The finest premium quality 100% organic cotton for your utmost comfort. Tailor-made to your shape with lovingly hand stitched buttons and features you won’t believe you lived without.

When you step into your kitchen, how do you want to feel? Confident? Comfortable? Motivated? Inspired? You’ll feel all of that and more when wearing your new Premium chef jacket. Think of it as your magic armour. The 100% organic cotton with a touch of spandex will keep you feeling cool, comfortable and free to move long after you’ve started your shift. The classic fresh chef white colour that gives a sense of prestige will motivate you to create magic and inspire others. Instantly capture the results of all that inspiration with your mobile phone, tucked away into the patented hip pocket. Premium quality for the premium chef.


September 28, 2018


Being Palisa Anderson

Spend five minutes with restaurateur and food producer Palisa Anderson and you will wonder if there is anything this young, bright, extroverted woman can’t do. Her enthusiasm for her industry, and passion for fresh  ingredients is infectious. Her way of sharing her expertise while creating awareness and education is incredible to watch.

The daughter of the woman who paved the way for Thai food in Australia with her Chat Thai restaurants, Amy Chanta, Palisa has inherited her mum’s unwavering work ethic and wealth of knowledge. Not only has she taken the reigns of the family businesses, she is also a glowing example of achieving sustainability.

Her Boon Luck Farm, 46 glorious hectares in the Byron Bay hinterland, grows a constant supply of specialist Thai ingredients such as holy basil, apple eggplant and betel leaves for the nine restaurants in the family business..

Passionate about growing organic produce she is also instilling these practices and lessons about sustainability and biodiversity in her husband and kids who are often lending a helping hand with weeding. And while she maintains a big focus on growing traditional Thai ingredients, Palisa also wants to promote Australian native crops.

The farm recently hosted a native food tour group to inspect her finger limes, lemon aspens, and quandongs, among others. Although Boon Luck Farm is already a successful production hub for

the family restaurants, it’s Palisa’s dream to get to the stage where all the vegetables, fruit and herbs she needs for the restaurants can all be sourced from the farm.

Growing organic produce, teaching her children the importance of connecting with nature, involving them with the farm- we applaud Palisa for the wonderful work she is doing in the areas of farming and organic produce, and we are proud to have her as one of the Cream Elite.

September 17, 2018


Look good, feel good

It takes just 7 seconds to create an impression, and you only get one chance at a first impression. What can you do to make sure that it’s a positive one? A lasting impression for all the right reasons.
It's a new season, a new menu, inspiration and ambition mixes in with the aromas wafting in your kitchen. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you are able to do the best work, create the most magic, be the best version of yourself. It's this complete confidence and polished appearance that makes a lasting impression on your customers, your team, business clients- everyone you meet, and there has never been an easier time to lift your style game at work.
In case you missed it - a whole lot of newness has just been added to your Cream Collection. You have so much variety to choose from - chef attire has come a long way and we are proud to be able to give you the options of new, cutting edge designs like you have never seen before. It's the same premium quality 100% organic cotton fabric that you love to wear day after day, but with trendsetting styles that are guaranteed to have you looking and feeling like your best self. Being at work never looked so stylish.
Check out your brand new chef shirt, pants and apron online. Which will become your new favourite?
September 17, 2018


Meet Alyce

Ladies you love looking your best at all times. You work out, you eat well, and it shows. You love being able to wear styles that enhance your great figure. You feel sexy wearing the slimmest fit, well shaped, quality fabric designs. You wish you could look this good at work, when you are in your element. You love what you do, but not what you wear.

Prepare to fall in love, because the style game has changed. A brand new style of chef pant, just launched, created just for your sense of style.

When you slip on the Alyce pant you will feel as sexy as when you’re in your favourite cocktail dress. The slimmest fit you will ever come across in work attire, a fifties vibe high waist and a zip at the back for that extra smooth, extra snug factor. Finally, chef pants you can flaunt. We guarantee you won’t want to take them off.

September 17, 2018


Meet Perry


You don’t like taking orders, and you love pushing boundaries. You always say that rules were meant to be broken.That’s why the Perry chef pant has been designed with you in mind.

It’s the skinny leg fit from your favourite jeans that you wish you could wear to work, but made into a chef pant. They’ll work just as hard as you too, with 100% organic cotton fabric that will give you the complete freedom to move, a secret reinforced knee for extra durability, and all the pocket functions you need to go the distance every shift. Work hard, play hard. Your style, your way.

September 17, 2018


Introducing Frank and Frankie


Being unique is important to you. You form your own opinions, you have your own way of doing things exactly how you like them, and your own style. You don’t follow every trend, but people always notice what you’re wearing. You like to stand out from the crowd, and you’re confident in what looks good on you. Understated but sexy is your signature style, and you love bringing that vibe into what you wear to work.

Be prepared to receive compliments all day when you rock up to work wearing your new Frank or Frankie chef shirt. You’ll notice the difference straight away. Classic chef white colour, the most versatile features. The chef shirt you’ve been waiting for. So unique, you could’ve dreamed it up yourself. You’ll love looking this hot while feeling so cool.

September 03, 2018


Have you got your tickets to Fine Food Expo in Melbourne next week?

If you’re in Melbourne September 10-13 get in quick to secure your free tickets to Fine Food Expo. You’ll be able to touch, try and experience your new collection of premium quality hospitality attire. This is an amazing opportunity for you to experience first hand how great you can look and feel when wearing the industry leading brand in chef attire.

It’s also your opportunity to be the first to see and try on our sexy new additions to the collection. That’s right, we’re bringing these new items, which haven’t yet been launched or seen by anyone else, as our show-only exclusives - just for you!

Try on your new collection of signature chef shirts, jackets and pants, try on the different styles and discover for yourself the secret details in each design. Feel the difference of 100% organic cotton on your skin - we guarantee you will fall in love with your new chef clothing.

This is also your perfect opportunity to join your just launched new Cream Elite Loyalty Program and start enjoying some very achievable rewards when you shop online or at our studio. You will love how easy it is to accumulate points to receive great rewards. Create your online account now to start your rewards journey.

You can also have a quick chat to our designer Pam about the vision for your teams new uniforms, or experience the best selling apron styles which come in 7 different colours, and we will help you select the best ones for you and your team.

We’re looking forward to meeting you at stand HP5.

Please get your free tickets here as door entry is $30 AUD.

NOTE : Free tickets only available until Friday 7th September. Get them here now.

September 03, 2018


Just launched! Your new Cream Elite Loyalty Program

You gave your input on how you’d love to be rewarded for your loyalty and now your new Cream Elite Loyalty Program is here and you will love it!

Make sure to create your your account online so that you can start reaping all the rewards. Create your account by completing the form at this link.

There are loads of ways to get rewarded. Aside from gaining 1 point for every AUD dollar you spend, you can earn loyalty points for referring a friend or writing a review, you’ll even receive points for your birthday.

To show you how much we value your loyalty, you will receive 1 point for every AUD dollar you have already spent on your past Cream purchases (excludes postage) - Become a member now and get the rewards you deserve.

Please just note that when you sign up your email confirmation may arrive in your promotions folder (if you are using gmail) or junk folder (if you are using other email) so make sure to check these folders.

Join the new Cream Elite Loyalty Program.

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