Introducing…...Ladies Bliss Chef Jacket

What could be more blissful than creating sheer magic on a plate? How about feeling luxuriously cool and comfortable the entire time? You can have this feeling all shift long with your new Bliss chef jacket. It’s the new and improved version of a classic. Lightweight 100% organic cotton for that endless comfort and coolness you long for, beautifully hand stitched buttons strategically placed down the front - you will never have to worry about gaping or losing buttons ever again. Complete bliss.


Don’t dream about feeling bliss at work - wear it! You won’t look at another chef jacket again after you’ve tried on your new Bliss chef jacket. Feel the softness of clouds against your skin from the lightweight, 100% organic cotton. It will keep you feeling 65% cooler than most other jackets, and oh so comfortable. You’ll love the short sleeves just in time for the warmer months, and the rounded curve style at the back. Fall in love with your new blissfully cool jacket.


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